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3D Mold Flow

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Uneven compound flow before 3D mold flow simulation applied
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Even compound flow after 3D mold flow simulation applied
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Detailed 3D mold flow for Package filling
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I. Introduction of the unparalleled 3D『MoldFlow』Simulation
1. Original Purpose
▶▶ To optimize the design of L/F & Package
▶▶ By simulating the pattern of resin filling inside package
▶▶ At initial stage of developing a new package
2. Application
▶▶ Molding quality problems such as Voids, Incomplete Fill, Wire Sweep, etc, can be detected & resolved in pre-emptive manner without having to engage in the cycle of trial and error.
II. Simulation Procedure (Lead-time : 2 weeks)
▶▶ Data Collection : Application of Package & L/F
▶▶ Analysis on existing mold design
▶▶ Drawing amendment as per 3D simulation
▶▶ New parts fabrication for test and evaluation
▶▶ Actual test(Book Mold test)
▶▶ Comparison of evaluation data with 3D simulation
▶▶ Optimization on Variable data
▶▶ Final Optimization
Flow-Front Shapes (at 4.9s)
Simulation View Actual Shot Sample
Normal Conventional Mold
Melt-Front Advancement : 2D View Wire Sweep (Simulation & Experiment)
Even Flow (Simulation & Experiment)
2D View 3D View Details of 3D View